Our story is as much a story about the power of joining forces in art, as it is about travel, open- mindedness, dreams and hopes, and intercontinental friendship. The center of our interest is urban fascination: Why do we feel drawn to big cities all around the world? Our art is not only about the visual representation of real places, it is also about our culture, memory, imagination, and emotions.

Britta Hagemann After having worked as an Executive Director and as a Management Consultant in Germany and the U.S. for over ten years, Britta decided to live up to her true passion: Photography and Design. Since then she has contributed to several international creative projects. Britta now lives in Zurich, Switzerland.

Patricia Cabaleiro has studied Arts in Brazil and Graphic Design in Germany, and has proved her versatility in several projects around the world. She has a broad background of experience, including the production of art, illustrations, photos, communication material, and books. Patricia is located in Singapore.